Country/Region of origin: Germany

Veel Seating Ball

INR 21,000.00


VLUV seating ball ... more than just sitting!

Sitting ball VLUV VEEL is a healthy and stylish seating ball. The ergonomic design ensures that you can sit upright and comfortably while you work. Use VLUV for your balance exercises or as an extra seating element in the living room.

VLUV seating balls are equipped with a very strong, seamless and Pht free PVC inner ball and the sleek design and the high quality fabrics make it a real eye-catcher.

The seams of the seat ball are double stitched, the bottom has a subtle ring against rolling away and it has a handle to move easily.

Dimensions (mm)

Diameter:600 - 650
Also available in larger dia 700-750


Upholstery : In Leatherette
Available in 4 Colors : Mud, Cognac, Mokka or Elephant

Delivery Timeline : 2 Weeks
Warranty Period : 1 Year
Weight : 2.8 KG