Country/Region of origin: Finland

Triangle Stool

INR 39,900.00


Active while Sitting!

A full-blooded office chair which does not force you to stay still but, on the contrary activates you to stay in motion.

The Stoo® Triangle makes static seating active thanks to its convex footrest & the unprecedented design of the seat section ensures the best ergonomic seating pleasure. The rubber base ensures good grip and the chair does not slip underneath.

The gas spring is naturally non-rotating for safe operation and the cushioning of the seat part is tight enough to maintain its posture when sitting, which ensures that no edge pressure can build up in the buttocks.

The height adjustment of the Stoo® Triangle allows the chair to be used by users about 150 to 200 cm tall. The chair can be adjusted from any side with the height adjustment flange under the seat section.

Dimensions (mm)

Seat: Length and Depth 330
Base Diameter 400
Available Heights:
1. Minimum Height 460 - Maximum Height 650
2. Minimum Height 530 - Maximum Height 770
3. Minimum Height 570 - Maximum Height 860


Seat Upholstery : In Fabric, Color Available in Black, Red, Light Blue, Yellow or Grey
Structure in Metal, Color : Available in Black or White
Upper Part of Gas Frame Covered with Removable Plastic Cover

Easy-to-use pneumatic gas lift adjusts the Seat Height
Delivery Timeline : 2 Weeks
Warranty Period : 3 Years
Weight : 6 KG