Country/Region of origin: Germany

Shape Style Sleek Rubosto Walnut 500g (Toning Weights) 1 Pair

INR 25,500.00


The conical shape of the Robusto wood / stainless steel lies unusually well in the hand. It is perfectly suited for a wide range of training types such as shadow boxing, walking, jogging, gymnastics, stretching, fitness training. The name Robusto comes from the classic cigar shape. The massive ring made of 1.4305 stainless steel is finely finished. This type of processing creates a fascinating refraction of light on the stainless steel, which is continued through the organic, warm wood surface.

For this production only perfectly grained American walnut wood is used, which is hollowed out in a difficult process and then turned conically. Attention is paid to the greatest possible accuracy in order to keep the gap dimensions as small as possible. Due to the surface treatment with natural oil, the wood is completely harmless in contact with the skin. 

Dimensions (mm)

Length : 140
Diameter : 39


Structure : In Walnut
Central Strip : In stainless steel

Made to order
Delivery Timeline : 2 Weeks
Warranty Period : 1 Year
weight : 1 KG