Country/Region of origin: Germany

Pector: Push up Bars

INR 29,000.00


Train with style!
The Hock PECTOR push-up handles are made of walnut. This wood is neatly polished and oiled and has an incomparable, precious shine. Handles are ergonomically shaped. Weight is perfectly distributed. Thanks to the light, stable aluminium frame, the Hock PECTOR push-up handles can be loaded up to 100 kg.

Push-ups are more effectively and more comfortably done with handles. You do not have to stretch your wrists that far. You could also go for the "Lower push-ups", which demand more muscles.

Dimensions (mm)

Length : 158
Depth : 134
Height : 80


Frame : In Aluminum
Grip : In Walnut

Up to : 100 KG Body Weight
Weight : 430 g/bar
2 push up bars
Delivery Timeline : 2 Weeks
Warranty Period : 1 Year