Country/Region of origin: Germany

Leiv Sitting Ball

INR 14,300.00


VLUV LEIV - A clear design statement in your office or in your living space!

The fabric cover is made of a densly woven polyester canvas fabric. VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and warm seating for your home or work space. The seams of the ball are doubly made of tear-resistant, lightfast polyester yarn, which prevent it from tearing or bursting. The bottom of the ball has a light ring that prevents the ball from rolling away and is attached to the outside. The ball cover contains a specially developed, seamless PVC ball that is free of phthalates and space.

This stablile shell allows for more inflated inflation, allowing for a safer, tighter riding position than the more spongy PVC ball. The healthy pelvic rotation with the playful seesaws and rollers is perfectly possible.

A modern sports equipment and office furniture.

Dimensions (mm)

Diameter : 500 - 550
Also available in larger dia 600-650 (body size 155-180cms) and 700-750 (body size 180-200cms)


Upholstery : In Polyester Fabric, Robust, Yet Soft
Available in 6 Colors : Dark Petrol, Mustard, Ruby, Silver, Stone or Royal Blue

Delivery Timeline : 2 Weeks
Warranty Period : 1 Year
Weight : 2 KG