Country/Region of origin: Sweden

Gymba Board

INR 18,000.00


A revolutionary activation board!

Boosts blood circulation, reduced neck & back pain, boosts productivity and sick days

An ACTIVE workstation, helping you stand up & stay active during your day at the office. The Gymba also helps you maintain optimal posture while standing, ultimately preventing back-pain.

Helps you keep active all day while working at your standing desk.What makes the Gymba truly exceptional, is that its patented feature allows for a walking-like motion while standing.

Just stand on top of it and let its patented walking feature help you stay active

Dimensions (mm)

Length 465
Depth 300
Thickness 55


Structure : In polypropylene (PP) and Cellulose
Available Colors : Green, Grey, Orrange, Blue, Violet or Graphite

Delivery Timeline : 6 Weeks
Warranty Period : 3 Years
Weight : 1.5 KG