Country/Region of origin: Germany

Ergometer SFE-012

INR 279,000.00


Stil-Fit SFE-012 - Shape meets function
The exercise bike SFE-012 by Stil-Fit is a real piece of design. It is developed by the Munich designer designer Anton Maria Rief. The design exercise bike was created on the premise of offering highest training comfort and effectivity with a fitness equipment which is perfectly integrated in the modern interior design. Thus high-quality bicycle components were used, so that the Stil-Fit exercise bike SFE-012 Black Edition looks like an exclusive bicycle. These components do not only look great but can be individually exchanged.
First-class design, first-class finish
Besides the exclusive look, the elegant bicycle design of the Stil-Fit exercise bike offers further advantages: You can adjust the sitting position of the Stil-Fit exercise bike SFE-012 Black Edition optimally to your height. Like for high-quality bicycles, you can adjust the handlebar in incline, ie, and the saddle in horizontal, vertical direction and in incline. In addition, this well-thought out design offers you the advantage to use your own bicycle saddle or your pedals with the Stil-Fit exercise bike SFE-012 Black Edition.

The design exercise bike is equipped with a first-class operation via tablet. Here, you have a very easy-to-use, very well-thought out App for free at the Google Play Store or at Apple. The device connects via a control box with your WiFi network. The advantage is that your tablet or smartphone is also connected with the network. Thus, you still have access to the Internet or your home server while exercising. The Fitness App provides a special advantage as well. Even if you use different apps, the Stil-Fit training app continues working in the background - you do not have to interrupt your training.

Dimensions (mm)



Finish : Available in Black Or White
Wooden Tube : Available in Maple, Black Or Walnut
Quick Release : In CNC-milled Aluminum, Black Color
Cockpit bracket : In 8mm Satin Aluminum

  • Display via personal Tablet. (Tablet not included)
  • Performance :
    50 – 400 Watt
    Flywheel 10.5 kg
    Commercial induction brake system
    Extensive Training Analysis
  • weight - 38kgs
  • Delivery Timeline: 4 Weeks
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Optional Accessories available at additional Price: Multifunctional handle bar, Saddle Comfort, Combi Paddles, Polar chest Strap, Polar Heart Rate Sensor & Long Seat Post