The Idea for ZoLife grew from traveling and finding inspiration from some of the world's most innovative brands making products that are at the cutting edge of technology and are uniquely hand-crafted. Products for the modern life.

Our background comes from working with global furniture and lighting brands and consulting with architects, interior designers and homeowners for residential projects in India since a decade and a half. 

The concept finally came together as we were locked down during the covidpandemic. Suddenly the importance of carrying out fitness routines at home was staring at us in the face. And even the most ardent office space advocates were forced to work from home. 

We now know that work-from-home is going to stay, even after Covid-19 scare is over. This makes home office furniture not only about function or form but an investment into our health itself. Conventional work furniture will be challenged by compact units that better suits the new, more flexible and tech-driven way of working. 

And with the gyms under the covid cloud, fitness at home has taken a precedence like never before. The challenge has always been finding the right products that work well in a home setting – not the stuff that is bulky, ugly and even daunting to use and difficult to maintain.

We curated a list of some luxurious fitness equipment that will take home workouts to the next level – they are tech-enabled, ergonomic, sleek and artisan crafted. These are equipment that you would not need to hide away – but rather enjoy seeing everyday or even showing off!

As with our furniture, award-winning designers and highly skilled engineers have worked alongside to design and develop these products in a time-intensive process. Only the finest natural materials have been used which makes us stand out in a world full of synthetic and artificial products.