Country/Region of origin: Sweden

Globe One Stool

INR 41,000.00


An ergonomic stool!

Perfect for areas where freedom of movement of the upper body is essential.‎

Globe One encourages an active and upright sitting position, just like a rider on horseback.‎ The rounded seat forces the pelvis forward and increases the use of the body’s largest muscle group – the gluteal muscles.

There is less pressure on the back, shoulders and neck.‎ The small supporting footrest creates an extra level for the foot and thus increases mobility even further.‎ Globe One is the perfect meeting chair, as it takes up a minimal amount of space.‎ 

Dimensions (mm)

Total Length 890
Seat Height 660
Footrest Diameter 120


Upholstery : In Fabric
Frame in Metal : Available in Silver, Black or White Color

Delivery Timeline : 4 Weeks
Warranty Period : 2 Years
Weight : 6.5 KG