Country/Region of origin: Germany

Stil Fit Wood Roll

INR 30,000.00


The Stil Fit Fascia Roller Myofascial Roller is uniquely designed in wood and brown leather that make this roller special in terms of style and design.

This roller will not go unnoticed, adapting perfectly to a more demanding home environment. With this Myofascial Roller you will have a unique training element in its class providing a touch of distinction to your training area.

The main advantages of using the myofascial roller are the activation and regeneration directed by the muscles, improving the coordination skills, increasing their performance and flexibility, you will also relieve muscle pain and avoid future injuries, improve blood circulation and increase performance and well-being.

Fascia roller training is a simple but effective way to loosen tight muscles. The roller exerts specific pressure on the body part to reduce muscle tension and relax muscle tissue and fibers.

Dimensions (mm)



Cover : In eco leather with decorative stitching
Structure : In Walnut
Ring : In Brushed Aluminum

weight - 1.35kgs
Delivery Timeline : 2 Weeks
Warranty Period : 1 Year