Country/Region of origin: USA

Expresso GO Upright Bike

INR 499,000.00


It’s time to end boring cardio. More than ever, people are looking for engaging and interactive fitness experiences. Expresso delivers at the highest level with a wide range of workouts that challenge family members of all levels and make fitness more fun.

With the world's most advanced exercise bike you get professionally led studio cycling classes, fully interactive steering, shifting and road racing, high intensity gaming, world-class heart rate training and unmatched competitive programming, all in one beautiful machine. Race your ghost (personal best) or other riders on global and family leaderboards, or race side by side. Stay motivated with weekly, monthly and annual challenges. Track personal progress and earn awards. It's fun, challenging, and a fabulous workout that will keep you coming back for more.

The most advanced bike in the world and the gold standard in indoor cycling.

  • Touchscreen : The fully-immersive, 26.5 inch touchscreen is the largest available, connecting you to your workout like never before.
  • Handlebars : State of the art handlebars turn left and right, driving your workout and making each ride unique.
  • Resistance : The breakthrough magnetic resistance drive simulates the terrain on screen with incredible accuracy.
  • Frame : The laser-cut steel frame, military-grade electronics, and battle tested drivetrain mean you'll be riding maintenance free for years to come.
  • Saddle : Works with any saddle. Comes with a comfortable and durable Velo Plush featuring center channel ArcTech suspension.
  • Pedals : Comes with dual-functional pedals for use with regular and SPD compatible shoes. Works with most standard pedal sets.

Dimensions (mm)

L 1194
D 610
H 1575


Frame : In Laser Cut Steel


  • Power : 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Adjustable Seat : 20 height positions, 9 horizontal positions & interchangeable with any standard bike seat
  • Steering : Turn handlebars to steer while riding
  • Touch Screen Monitor : Fully-immersive, 26.5 inch touchscreen
  • Connectivity :
    Wireless : WiFi 802.11n+
    Wired : Gigabit LAN+
  • Delivery Timeline : 2 weeks
  • Warranty Period : 3 Years
  • weight : 71 kg